I’m f-f-f

“My head is a clutter,”

A whisper, a mutter.

“I’m f-f-f-

Fucked!” I stutter.

“My thoughts are a jumble,”

Barely heard, a mumble.

“I’m f-f-f-

Fucked!” I stumble.

“My nut needs a hammer,”

Spoken low, no clamour.

“I’m f-f-f-

Fucked!” I stammer.

I’m f-f-f

One thought on “I’m f-f-f

  1. Lucy says:

    Thanks for being honest. It’s all too rare these days. Sending many blessings to yourself and your wife, and hoping that things may shift. I feel so often alienated as a ‘single’ mum and society makes it hard to reveal true feelings. May things shift for you!


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